Product Information

Information about content and use of our ant food

German: Inhalt und Verwendung – Ameisenfutter

English: Content and use – ant food

Spanish: Contenido y uso – alimento para hormigas

Hints for keeping ants and problems with keeping them.

Important note on the protection of species and nature:
It cannot be ruled out that live animals can cause damage or transmit diseases (special risk for allergy sufferers). If exotic species escape from the facilities provided for them, an exterminator must be notified immediately.

In order not to endanger both local and foreign fauna and flora, you must not release any animals received from us into the wild. We therefore offer a free take-back of old colonies. According to the respective nature conservation laws of the countries, the release of animals into the wild is only allowed with official permission!

Since we do not have an identification key for every ant species, all species are only determined to the best of our knowledge. Should there be a change at a later date, you will be informed and receive a separate right to return the colony for that date.

Shipping of live animals (ant colonies and food animals) is only within the EU. Even within the EU there may be different import regulations, please consult your local veterinary office.

We strive for the following shipping temperatures of live goods:
(night temperatures):
Northern- Central European species = >0°C (or > -5°C express with insulation).
Southern European species = >+5°C (or >0°C express with insulation)
Tropical species = >+10°C (or >+5°C express with heatpack).
(daytime temperatures):
Northern-Central European species = <+30°C.
Southern European species = <+30°C
Tropical species = <+30°C