How we are working on becoming more eco-friendly

We all all have a responsibilty for this planet !

That was already in the mind of our founder when he started ANTSTORE, 20 years ago. Preserving the nature by using glass for antkeeping, instead of acrylic setups.

We understand, the earth does not need us, but we need this wonderful planet. So let´s work together to preserve our nature, we are thankful for any help with the Research & Devolpement of environment friendly and recycable packaging, to not higher the percentage of polyethelene particles in our water any longer.

Therefore we are now taking our first steps to use only eco-friendly packaging beyond 2023. We know that changing our packaging is only a small step for a company to become sustainable so we are also working on digitalization, optimizing transport routes and education.

You can support us, by purchasing our products. Help us to do fulfill our duty to maintain this wonderful green planet with all of its diverse lifeforms. With your purchase, you push our Resarch & Developement department to firgure out even more sustainable solutions for the benefit of all of us.

Futhermore we plan to cooperate with a “plant a tree foundation”, in order to let our forests start growing again. They are some of the most important habitats for ants too! We will keep you updated with news soon.