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Frequently asked questions about our products or our store in general

You do not know what ant species to keep or which Formicarium you should use?

Try our “Ant Finder” or “Formicarium Finder” – Our online customer service

Find your ant species

Find your Formicarium

What are the delivery times and charges for orders from the Online Shop?

You can find information about estimated delivery times here:

Delivery times

If you want to know about estimated shipping costs and delivery restrictions please look here:

Shipping costs/ delivery restrictions

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

You can find an overview of our accepted payment methods here:

Payment methods

You are looking for user manuals for your starter set?

Find PDF user manuals to print or download here:


You have questions about our products?

If you have questions about our products please have a look in the respective product description in our shop first.

Otherwise you can find more information here:

Product information