How to learn from and with ants

Ants in the classroom or the kindergarten? Usually rather annoying. However, it is often overlooked how much we can learn from and with ants. Their social behavior and efficient distribution of tasks are very interesting and educational to watch.

In recent years, more and more schools and kindergartens, educational institutions in general or even research institutions are getting ant colonies. These offer many possibilities to teach biological connections, evolution, social behavior or responsible handling of our nature in a vivid and interesting way.

For many, a starter set is sufficient for presentation, as it is also used by our private customers. However, if it needs to be a little more special, we also offer custom-made products. These are also available as a childproof variant with safety glass and lockable.


Custom build Leafcutter Formicarium by ANTSTORE for a kindergarten

Custom build Leafcutter Formicarium for a kindergarten

Some of our projects for schools and kindergartens