How ANTCUBE started

ANTCUBE™ was created in early 2015 by Martin Sebesta, the founder of ANTSTORE. After 15 years in business, he wanted to create a product, that is perfectly designed for ant keepers as well as their ants. Due to his expertise, after facing the many problems ant keepers and ants had with existing products, he designed a new series of Formicariums. ANTCUBE™ was born. Since then we have continously improved our products and are always working on new innovations.

What makes us different?

We focus on Glass

We use glass as a material for our formicariums and ant farms. Why? There are many different reasons.

1. Sustainability
Glass is 100% recyclable. The raw materials from which glass is made are also almost infinite availiable. Although the production of glass requires energy, the efficiency of the respective processes has been significantly improved in recent years.

2. Durability
Compared to alternative materials such as acrylic or plastic, glass is particularly durable. It does not scratch as quickly, for example when cleaning, and does not deform due to heat or moisture. In addition, it does not change its colour over time and become milky, for example.

3. Appearance
Of course, it depends on personal preferences, but glass blends in perfectly with any environment. It is completely transparent and allows a perfect view.

4. Sterility
Glass does not emit any harmful substances over time. It is also easy to clean without leaving any residue.

ANTCUBE glaziery for antfarms