The  products from our company ANTSTORE are products within the meaning of the REACH Regulation, because their function is primarily determined by the shape, form and surface, not by the chemical composition. A registration under the REACH Regulation does not apply to these products.

Our company’s products contain no substances with more than 0.1 percent, acc. REACH Article 57 are defined as SVHC and are listed in REACH Annex XIV (substances on the “candidate list”).

For the purposes of REACH, our company is regarded as a downstream user. For all substances and preparations used in our manufacturing process (eg adhesives, paints, lubricants) we intended purpose on the part of the supplier confirmation and explanation of a (currently) pre-registration, before and we are in contact with our suppliers. We do not use substances and preparations for which a (pre-) registration would be required on our part.

 Material Safety Data Sheet for ant escape protection lacquer (english) , (PDF 0,2 MB)
(content: safety instructions)

 Material Safety Data Sheet for ant escape protection oil (english) , (PDF 0,1 MB)
(content: safety instructions)