Where to buy your ANTCUBE

As we are operating from Germany you can only directly order from us inside the European Union. To give everyone the opportunity to start Ant keeping with ANTCUBE, we have Partners around the world, where you can buy our products. All our current partners are listed below:


In Berlin, Germanys capitol we started more than two decades ago.

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This is our Store in Austria. They offer a wide range of ANTCUBE products.

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ANTSHOP Switzerland

This is our Store in Switzerland. They offer a wide range of ANTCUBE products.

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This is our partner store in Norway. Phone: +47 468 86 468

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ANTS UK – Our partner in the United Kingdom

Ants UK is the longest running U.K. based ant shop, supplying ants since 2006. Ants UK offers a wide selection of ant keeping products, all of which are available for next day delivery.

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Mierenboerderij – Our partner in the Netherlands

Mierenboerderij introduced the ant hobby in 2009 in the Netherlands and Belgium and has been the number 1 ant shop ever since. They are known for their specialism in harvester ants and an extremely fast delivery and high quality service. Mierenboerderij is proud to be able to offer the full Ant Cube range to the Dutch and Belgian ant farmers!

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Fourmiculture – Our partner in France

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Talis US LLC – Our partner in the United States of America

Talis Us is an online pet store in the USA that provides quality nutrition, food, and supplies for dogs, cats,birds, fish, small animals, reptiles and now also ants. Visit today!

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Canada Ant Colony – Our partner in Canada

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Ant Keeping Depot – Our partner in Australia

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