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Our gypsum or plaster nests and nest inserts are optimal for ant species that live in or between stones. In addition, plaster nests are also suitable for species living in soil nests. The nest has prefabricated natural-like chambers and passages so that the ants can move right in.

Since the plaster nest must have a thickness of at least 20mm to be easily manufactured and transported without damage, these nests are only available in size L.

The plaster nest is best used in dry and slightly humid formicariums. If the nest is kept permanently moist, the material may mold. For permanently humid habitats like rainforest formicariums, our Digfix nests are suitable as an alternative.

The size of the nest inserts (L) does not refer to the outer dimensions, but to the thickness or, in the case of the nests, to the possible connections and openings (adapted to the size of different ant species).
L = 20mm for large species like Camponotus sp. with cork and plaster inserts also for smaller ant species M – L