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Digfix is our specially designed nesting material for ants.

These Digfix nest inserts are suitable for all burrowing ant species from dry but also very humid regions, as well as for species which live in wood.

Digfix is very versatile and can be used in all habitats, no matter how wet or dry.
Digfix also has the advantage that burrowing ant species do not soil the panes of their nest area when digging, which provides perfect visibility into the nest.

The sizes of the inserts (S, M, L, XL) do not refer to the external dimensions, but to the thickness of the panels (adapted to the size of our ants’ nests).

S = 6mm for small species like Myrmica
M = 10mm for medium species like Lasius and Formica
L = 20mm for large species such as Camponotus with nest insert also for smaller ant species.