Weaver Ants and how to keep them

First of all you need to know what genus of weaver ant you are keeping. Weaver ants do not need a classical Formaicarium setup with a nest area and an arena. In nature they nest in the treetops or in bushes, but never on the ground or underground.

Oecophylla ant species

If it is Oecophylla you want to keep, than they will need real plants in their setup to grow their colony. Therefore we recommend a Formicarium which is at least 40cm high. You should offer them a plant with rather big leaves, as they use their lavaes silk to weave leafes of a living plant to a cocoon like nest. The plant has to be free of any pesticides or fertilizer. For example plants from an organic plant nursery or specialized terraristik stores are an option. Alternatively you can use any plant that has stayed at your home for at least a year, without being treated with pesticides or fertilizer.

Oecophylla smaragdina worker ants on nest leaf

Polyrhachis ant species

If you want to keep Polyrhachis ants than they will need either a flat or a high Formicarium. Some of these ant species nest in higher areas and some closer to the ground. 

They are different to Oecophylla because the do not need living plants to build their nest. Instead they collect anything, from fallen leaves or conifer needles to small sticks and rocks and weave them to a solid cocoon like structure. We recommend using our “nesting balls”, as they have proven to be very well accepted for nest building by Polyrhachis ant species.

Polyrhachis dives carrying prey to their nest

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