Starter Set Cork for Ants that nist in (dead) wood

Our Starter Set Cork is especially designed for ants that nist in rotten wood, cavities of trees or under tree bark. It is equipped with an Antfarm with Cork nest inset. This has prefabricated chambers and tunnels for the ant colony. You can also buy our Cork nest insets and place them in an Antfarm size L to create your own setup.


As soon as the starter set gets too small for your ant colony you can expand it. All our ant farms and arenas can be connected to this set. If you need a different nest material you can also use one of our nest insets for example cork or gypsum.

Camponotus atriceps ants in a ANTCUBE Cork nest

Camponotus atriceps in a cork nest

ANTCUBE Starter Set L – 20×20 – Cork


The set consists of 41 parts and is suitable for various ant species, especially species nesting in (dead) wood.
Size: L

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