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To keep Leafcutter Ants you should always use a Formicarium that consists of at least 3 seperate chambers. In nature leafcutter nests can have hundreds of small chambers and when keeping this ant species, you should always try to imitate their natural way of living.

The first chamber is used for food. Here the ants can cut and collect fresh leafs and water. It imitates the outworld of an ant colony.

The second chamber is the nesting chamber. Here the ants can grow their fungus and take care of their queen and brood.

The third chamber is used by the ants to dispose of their waste. This is necessary for the colony to stay healthy.


Another helpful aspect, of keeping leafcutter ants in a 3-chamber-system, is that it helps to regulate the needed climatic values. To help the fungus in the nesting chamber grow it needs a certain amount of constant ventilation. As it also needs high humidity, in a single formicarium or just 2 chambers this would be difficult, as either the humidity will be lost or the ventilation not enough. Like in our 3 chamber system the ventilation can come from the waste and the food chamber and pass through the tubes in the fungus chamber. In this way the humidity can stay quite high and ventilation is nevertheless possible. 


Food Chamber      Fungus or nesting Chamber      Waste Chamber

Leafcutter ants three chamber system explained

Leafcutter ant fungus (Leucoagaricus gongylophorus)

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